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Flowtite R Series Replacement Angle Stop PO5 Accor

The only stop valve that installs directly over the old compression brass ferrule.

For PEX pipe applications ask for the FlowTite 4ALL supply stop system.

A Simpler Way to Replace Compression Valves.
When asked about replacing leaking compression valves plumbers told us that they encounter a frustrating problem in removing the old valves nut and ferrule from the pipe. Ferrule pullers are hard to use effectively and can damage the pipe. And cutting the old valve off to start fresh usually creates a costly in-the-wall pipe repair project.

Simpler installation reduces labor costs, eliminates in-the-wall repairs.
Valve is removable and reusable.
Ability to PUSHON over existing ferrule saves time and reduces labor cost, eliminates expensive in-the-wall repairs and ferrule pullers that damage pipe.

Provides property-owner protection.
Pressure tested to 1,000 psi for a 10:1 margin of safety.
Unique 10 year limited warranty including labor and material for residential and 1 year for commercial.

Reduces maintenance costs.
One-piece factory attached connector eliminates potential joint leaks.
Easy Pull/Push ON/OFF handle design replaces turn handles eliminating potential for sticking or leaking due to dried out rubber packing.

Reliable with long-term proven technology performance.
Over 25 million PUSHON technology valve installations in over 2 million U.S. homes since 1988.

No lead, no internal corrosion, no brass dezincification.
Innovative 100% non-metallic water contact design eliminates internal and external corrosion while introducing a clean, white look for todays homes.

NSF Certified Health-Safe.
FlowTite is certified to health standards requested by the EPA and adopted by ANSI.

Versatile solution for valve replacement across property.
Replaces compression, solder and glue-on valves and can be installed on new pipe.

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